Our Rooms

Baby Room

Our baby room is bright, spacious, and well-equipped to provide comfort and stimulation to all babies in our care. Additionally, we also have a separate sleep room packed with cots for each baby. You’ll struggle to find more suitable facilities for your little one.

Your Routine

Your baby’s individual needs are met at all times with us and to ensure this, we work very closely with you, following your routine to guarantee continuity between nursery and home.

Lovely Food

All our food is freshly-prepared on our premises. Your baby will take full advantage of this and we’ll even take into consideration their stage of weaning.

Great Activities

Our activities are planned depending on your baby’s age and stage of development. They also get involved with the themes and topics that are going on throughout other areas of the nursery.

Attentive and Professional Staff

At our day nursery, for every 3 babies, there’s one member of staff. Meaning your child will get the attention they deserve. What’s more, our team of qualified staff also ensure there are facilities available at all times for rest and access to our secure outdoor area. Our treatment of the children takes inspiration from ‘Birth to Three Matters’.

Toddler Room

The toddler room provides a lively and stimulating environment for your child as they grow more confident and increasingly mobile. The emphasis in the toddler room is on active fun, ensuring that your child continues to explore the world around them, develops their communication skills, and builds on the other skills they already have.

Plenty of Fun

The toddler room has:

 A Sand and Water Area

 Messy Area

 Construction Area 

 Quiet Area

 Mark-Making Area

Safe and Accommodating

Our nursery provides a safe and secure environment for your children, where we encourage the development of their personality. If you have a child with special needs, we’re able to accommodate them.

Pre-School Room

Our pre-school room has lots of open space for children to explore all the learning areas. We develop our environment around the foundation phase curriculum. The pre-school teachers on-hand support the children in all areas of development, and even use the Welsh language, as well as English, throughout the day.

Garden Time

Our pre-schoolers have access to our outdoor area at all times, making the most of the fresh air and getting to know the wildlife and environment. We believe it’s an important part of their development.

An Inclusive Experience

All the activities we hold are inclusive to all of the children and we actively encourage the kids to play with everyone. However, nothing is forced, as we like the children to be inspired to form their own friendships and relationships.

Outdoor Area

Our spacious and secure garden is accessible for all ages of children. When the children are playing out there, we provide age-appropriate play equipment, which includes; baby swings, bikes, scooters, slides, and much more. Our handmade outdoor children’s mud kitchen and construction area are purpose-built for children to explore and enjoy their natural surroundings. Plus, we provide wellies and waterproofs to encourage outdoor play in all weathers.

Contact us, in Wrexham, Clwyd, to find out more about the rooms at our day nursery.